Spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance & ultimately the health of horse & rider through saddle fit evaluations, demonstrations and lectures.
   Saddle fitting is damage control, saves time and $$$ on training & vet bills.   Good saddle fit allows the horse & rider to become one and prevents needless pain and suffering. 
Services include:

*Any Type of Saddle Fit

*Saddle Fit
Demonstrations & Lectures


Saddles Sales & Service

    at Buck N Horse Hollow
             6 Buck Dr.
        Carlisle PA 17015
          (717)  609-2822

    at your barn in south
 central PA or northern MD
within 120 miles of Carlisle PA

Signs of poor saddle fit:

  Sore back, spooking, tripping, bucking, head tossing, not standing to be mounted, girthiness, lack of engagement/ hollowing the back, kissing spines, refusing jumps, trouble with leads, trouble going down hill, dragging toes, navicular, arthritis and other lameness.