"Spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance and ultimately the health of horse and rider. "   Terry Peiper,  Certified Saddle Ergonomist

  Good saddle fit allows horse and rider to comfortably become one.   Good saddle fit saves time and money spent on training, lessons and medical expenses.   Good saddle fit prevents needless pain, suffering and possible permanent damage to horse and rider.   Good saddle fit could simply be described as damage control.  To have your saddle fit evaluated or your saddle fitted go to our


Signs of poor saddle fit:

  • Poor posture like high withers, hunters bump, big bulging shoulders & large shoulder holes.                                                                     See Dr. Ivanna Ruddock video explaining shoulder holes. 
  • Lameness issues like sore back, arthritis & navicular   
  • Performance issues like wrong leads, refusing to jump, lack of engagement
  • Behavior issues like biting when saddled, bucking, irregular gaits
  • Permanent damage like kissing spines, muscle atrophy, nerve & cartilage damage
  • Rider position issues like chair seat, knees & toes out
  • Rider's hip, back & knee pain
  • Damage to rider like urinary tract infections & slipped discs
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To have your saddle fit evaluated or your saddle fitted go to our