The mission of FIT RIGHT SADDLE SOLUTIONS is to help horses with their people and their saddles through saddle fit evaluations and consultations where we basically explain to the rider and demonstrate with their own horse how saddle fit effects the behavior, performance and ultimately the health of the horse and the rider.   

  When Terry began spreading the word about proper saddle fit and evaluating saddles for her students, the same question repeatedly came up, "Where do I get a saddle that fits?"  For most riders, finding a saddle off the rack that fits is very frustrating, expensive, time consuming and sometimes even impossible.   Because horses change, a saddle that fits today is not likely to fit in 3-6 months or a year from now, which causes even more frustration.  
    Recognizing the huge need for the services of a saddle ergonomist, Terry joined up with Saddlefit 4 Life and founded FIT RIGHT SADDLE
 SOLUTIONS.    As a saddle ergonomist she interfaces the saddle between horse and rider considering the discipline, anatomy and abilities of both horse and rider.   The ultimate goal is comfort for the horse and the rider, allowing them to be "one" while preventing permanent or long term damage to horse or rider.  
  In addition to education, Terry services every saddle she sells.   Regular saddle fit evaluations and fittings are encouraged, 1-2 times per year depending on the age and training of the horse.  Several new and used saddles and matching accessories are available.  No high pressure sales techniques.

  The Schleese and Specialized saddles are adjustable in more ways then any other saddle so when it no longer fits, it is not a problem.  Saddles are adjusted on site and can usually even be changed to a completely different horse.  Schleese saddles feature the Adaptree which can be fitted onsite by an authorized Schleese Representative to any width and shoulder angle. The adjustable billet systems ensures proper billet alignment and wool flocking ensures even panel contact, shock absorption and comfort for horse and rider.   
The Specialized Saddles are adjustable by changing the fitting shims and cushions that attach to an extra wide angle tree.  

  Terry has been in the horse business in south central PA for over 30 years.  She will not tell you that your saddle doesn't fit just so you buy another saddle, her passion always has been and continues to be "Helping Horses with Their People" by educating the rider through lessons, clinics and saddle fit evaluations.   


Services include:
  • Any type of saddle fit evaluation
  • Lessons & clinics
  • Saddle Fit Lectures
  • Adjustable Saddle Sales & Service


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