Spreading the word about proper saddle fit and how it affects our horse's behavior, performance & ultimately the health of horse & rider through saddle fit evaluations &  lectures.   



Signs of poor saddle fit:

  Sore back, muscle atrophy, spooking, tripping, bucking, head tossing, not standing to be mounted, girthiness, lack of engagement, hollowing the back, kissing spines, refusing jumps, trouble with leads, trouble going down hill, dragging toes, navicular, arthritis and other lameness.

Good saddle saddle fit:  

  Allows horse and rider to become one while saving time, money, needless pain, suffering and possible permanent damage.
  Services include:  Saddle Fit Evaluation/Consultations, Online Store, SCHLEESE & SPECIALISED SADDLES Sales & Service, Demonstrations & Lectures at Buck N Horse Hollow,  6 Buck Dr. Carlisle PA 17015 and other locations within 120 miles of Carlisle PA.